Indie Club Album Launch Party

Okay guys, if there is ONE THING YOU DO THIS WEEKEND, it is this!

I’ll be in Kuala Lumpur, emceeing for the album launches of three extremely talented local artists/bands. What an honour right?


And here I am writing this quick post to invite everyone to be there on Friday and on Saturday. Details are in the posters below.

The first person that will perform tomorrow is Daniel C. Some of you might have voted for this singer songwriter on the Hitz.FM Malaysian English Top 10 because he was reigning the charts for about a month when he debuted his single, ‘If I Could’.

He will be performing his originals alongside The Mætheads (Reuben on keys, Jay Sern on bass and Jordan on drums). His genre is very pop and country, so it is very easy to layan and sing along as well.

The next performer will be the Kien Lim Duo, a terror mix of blues and grunge. The duo consists of Kien Lim (singer songwriter and guitarist) and Jordan Scully (drummer). It’s quite amazing how just two instruments can make the music sound so… full! (I am no musician so if you don’t understand what I am saying, I wouldn’t know how to explain it to you either… YOU JUST HAVE TO MAKE IT THERE AND LISTEN FOR YOURSELF!)

Last but definitely not least, is the power packed band named The Color Noise. Led by Daryl Felix, the singer songwriter is backed up by a good synergy of musicians namely Reuben on the keys, Jasmon on the bass and Alwyn on the drums.

With these guys, it is IMPOSSIBLE not to groove to the beat. Good music made by super talented Penang Kia’s (except Kien, he is originally from KL) don’t miss this because you’ll have to drive all the way north to Penang to catch them. So please KL people, #sappotlokal!

This is the first show.

But if you can’t make it for this show, you can make it for the next show that is on a Saturday!

I’ll be the emcee for both events so please, dress up in your most HIPPIE ATTIRE and party all night long with us!

Just in case you do not know how a hippie normally looks like, this is how we looked at the album launch in Chinahouse, Penang, two months ago.

P/S Bring extra money and buy their CD’s too, please!

Like I said, #sappotlokal

See you there!


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